Cleanser Mousse 150 ml

Cleansing mousse with bromelain and papain for deep cleansing of face and body skin. It has a profound keratolytic and antimicrobial action. In home settings, it is used for care of oily and/or problematic skin. As indicated by a treating specialist, the mousse can be used for preparation of skin of various types to cosmetic procedures in the settings of a beauty salon or clinic including a chemical peel procedure.

Laboratory THOSCANE LLC, Russia

Cleanser Mousse 150 ml

  • It has a profound keratolyic and anti-inflammatory action
    It removes effectively sebum excesses, pollutions and makeup
    It eliminates comedones and hyperkeratosis
    It stimulates cell turnover processes.
    It is recommended for oily and/or problematic skin, skin with comedones and acne.
    It prepares the skin to a chemical peel procedure.

  • Apply a small mousse amount to the skin with radial movements, leave it for 1-2 minutes, then wash off with a large amount of running water. For home care of problematic and oily skin, apply once a day daily or in accordance with the recommendation of treating medical cosmetologist. 

     Vial with a pump 150 ml.

    ACTIVE COMPONENTS: Pineapple and papaya extracts.