Mediscreen Cream SPF85 50ml

Sun-protective cream with Reparative and antioxidant action. Cream with high skin protection from all types of ultraviolet irradiation. Modern physical and chemical sun filters included to the cream formulation provide a maximum photo protection (SPF 85 per COLIPA scale). Action – It contains the complex of physical and chemical filters, provides a maximum photo protection from the entire spectrum of ultraviolet rays (SPF 85 per COLIPA scale) – Owing to tripeptide-1 complex, it is a profound regenerating, antioxidant and moisturizing action – It is absorbed rapidly, does not leave a greasy shine – It is suitable for all skin types.

Laboratory THOSCANE LLC, Russia

Mediscreen Cream SPF85 50ml

  • Apply it thirty minutes prior going out to the sun. Renew periodically the cream layer to ensure maximum skin protection.

    Tube 50 ml.

    ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Titanium dioxide, Aluminum oxide, Complex of chemical sun-protective filters, Soya proteins, Wheat proteins, Vitamin Е.