POSTINJECT Cream 50 ml

NEUTRAZEN™ Complex, containing tripeptide of biomimetic action, eliminates erythema and irritation of the skin. The innovative tripeptide formula contributes to capillary strengthening, dissolves congestive spots, stimulates quick skin regeneration. The active component Bacocalmine™, containing an extract of Bacopa monnieri (an Indian herb), has protective and regenerating effects on cell membranes. Due to a soothing complex, it reduces the burning sensation and moisturizes the skin.

The cream is an emergency aid to the skin after aggressive aesthetic procedures, such as: injection and laser treatment and chemical peels.

Laboratory THOSCANE LLC, Russia

POSTINJECT Cream 50 ml

  • Apply the cream on clean, dry skin without massaging, until completely absorbed.
     It is recommended as a final stage of procedures for instant skin rehabilitation.

    Only for professional use.

  • Bacocalmine™, Neutrazen™; Nikkolipid 81S, squalane.